Exam traffic rules 2018 – Traffic police tickets download free from Windows

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‘SDA Exam 2018 – Traffic Police Tickets’ is an Windows program that will help you quickly prepare for passing a theoretical exam at the traffic police to obtain a driver’s license category B, A, C, D.

Opportunities SDA Exam 2018 – Traffic Police Tickets

  • Pass a virtual autoexam of traffic rules in the traffic police,
  • Study a specific thematic block with questions,
  • Use the program without an Internet connection,
  • View error statistics to identify gaps in knowledge,
  • Work on the bugs, highlight the most difficult tickets,
  • Use the simulator to prepare for the exam and test knowledge,
  • Get a comment for each question that was answered incorrectly,
  • Take training at any time, allocating every free minute for training.


  • Lack of internal purchases,
  • Answers to questions with explanations of the rules,
  • Convenient control on the from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet,
  • Possibility to postpone the question and return to it later,
  • Full set of 40 tickets, 800 questions for free,
  • Actual examination tickets for traffic rules of April 10, 2018,
  • Marathon mode: 35 seconds per question, ends after one mistake,
  • Driving license exam mode: 20 minutes to complete, five additional questions are added for a mistake,
  • A complete guide: new traffic rules, latest changes and fines for traffic violations, duties and rights of vehicle drivers.


  • There is not enough confirmation of the answer to avoid accidental touches on the screen.
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