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Far Manager

Far Manager is a decent file manager for working with folders and file systems. Far Group developers have tried to optimize the file manager for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10 platforms as much as possible.

FAR Manager Features

  • The file manager opens, copies, deletes and edits content in the file system,
  • The ability of the Far Manager program to work with FTP servers,
  • The Far developer provides the ability to manage the priorities of processes and actions,
  • There are hot keys to manage printers, including network ones,
  • Windows Far Manager is able to encode and decode files,
  • Extensive program features allow you to control the WinAmp player and edit comments on Mp3 files,
  • Any modern Windows operating system is supported,
  • Built-in functionality for transcoding files and changing syntax,
  • Availability of tools for checking the integrity of archives,
  • Far Manager is able to run external programs.


  • The two-pane view of the file manager expands the functionality of the program, facilitates editing,
  • The program is specially designed for operating systems of the Windows family,
  • Can work as a text editor,
  • The latest versions of the utility run even from a flash drive,
  • Ability to rename files,
  • Various files, directories and folders can be copied and edited,
  • You can download Far Manager for free,
  • Work in windowed/full screen modes,
  • The presence of a basket for files,
  • Works as a console and custom interface of two panels with different templates,
  • Connecting all the necessary plugins, if required by the contents of the files,
  • There is a Russian version of the program.


  • Some features will not be needed by the average user.
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