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Stardock Fences is a special application for organizing icons on your computer desktop. It contains many useful functions for managing the contents of the desktop, can scale the screen and take screenshots.

Features Fences

  • Hot key control,
  • Adjusting the style and color of the font in the titles,
  • The function of highlighting objects in the shaded areas of the monitor,
  • Create and rename categories with files of your own accord,
  • Allows you to change the order of icons and folders on the desktop.


  • Low system requirements,
  • Support for multiple monitors,
  • Quick installation and launch of the application,
  • Compatible with PC based on Windows 10,
  • You can add an unlimited number of blocks with labels,
  • The complete absence of conflicts with the system from Microsoft,
  • Providing access to the contents of a folder with one click of the mouse.


  • The trial version works for 30 days,
  • To activate the demo mode, you must register.
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