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File Navigator

File Navigator is a time-tested file manager that is ideally optimized for Windows, DOS systems. With the help of the File Navigator program, you can perform operations with any type of files using the two-pane mode.

Features of File Navigator

  • Support for file descriptions in DOS, Windows,
  • The new version received an improved display context menu for shells of various content,
  • Customizable color scheme for different file types for greater user convenience,
  • It has a panel for quickly viewing the contents of folders and files of different types,
  • There are encryption and compression functions for NTFS files,
  • Built-in FTP client,
  • There is a command line to view the total and transmitted instructions,
  • Hotkeys for jumping to favorite files,
  • Developer Alexander Kolomiets, implemented the ability to view RTF files,
  • Working with file descriptions,
  • Emergency selection of files and the ability to synchronize folders,
  • The application is based in Russian.


  • Convenient and quick search for files, as well as monitoring the results of commands,
  • The program can be downloaded for free,
  • Create favorite folders for collective actions,
  • Working with RAR, TAR, ZIP,
  • Nicely designed file quick view panel and its customizable color scheme,
  • Using external modules for correct viewing of files directly in the program window,
  • Duplication of the menu command with buttons through the toolbar,
  • Compression, encryption of NTFS files,
  • Support for legacy operating systems Windows XP, Vista,
  • Convenient tools for working in all Windows encodings,
  • Support for Russian / English interface design,
  • Sort content by date, size, attributes.


  • Renaming files may be blocked by the system,
  • File encryption takes some time.
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