FileASSASSIN download free from Windows


Malwarebytes FileASSASSIN will give you the choice to delete or render the file harmless by unloading all its services from the OS and forcibly ending the worker process. The FileASSASSIN program does not need a deep description, because. it is very simple and effective in its execution. This is also indicated by the name – the killer of files.

FileASSASSIN features

  • Removing blocked files, malware that supposedly cannot be removed
  • Complete termination of any processes
  • Choice: delete files or neutralize/terminate processes or services associated with it


  • This is a utility that does not have to be installed, and also has a small weight.
  • Operational Efficiency and Reliability – FileASSASSIN uses unique software methods to eliminate a file
  • Ease of use, also concerns the interface
  • You can simply drag and drop the file if you have difficulty finding it in File Explorer


  • English language
  • Inexperienced users may delete important files and processes associated with the operating system
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