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FileZilla is a free FTP client recognized as one of the best among analogues. It features convenient operation, a pleasant interface and a large number of functions.

Features of FileZilla

  • Built-in site manager,
  • Reception and transmission of large files,
  • Remote file editing,
  • Speed ​​limit setting available,
  • Connecting to multiple servers at the same time,
  • Remote search and editing of data on hosting,
  • Filters by name, size and creation date of objects,
  • Integration with Google Drive cloud service,
  • Working with files through a proxy server,
  • Adding downloads by dragging to the client window,
  • Ability to connect via secure protocol ssl, tls (knowing the password),
  • Available to resume files that you could not add to the host due to a connection failure,
  • Stable software updates from developers,
  • Ability to drag and drop files and folders using the Drag & Drop function.


  • Convenience, functionality, multilingualism,
  • The free ftp client FileZilla received the Russian interface language,
  • Support for IDN and IPv6, the most popular protocols ssl/tls, ftps, ssh,
  • Quick installation of a file manager on a computer,
  • Loading files by dragging with the mouse,
  • Ability to compare directories,
  • Protection of the connection and transmitted data,
  • Integrated network setup wizard,
  • Customizable restrictions on file access rights,
  • FTP server timeout detection function,
  • It has an open source code (Open Source Code),
  • When the connection is broken, objects can be resumed,
  • The new version of FileZilla Client is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS,
  • Supports almost all versions of MacOS, Linux operating systems,
  • A large amount of background information on the official website.


  • Sometimes the utility cannot upload large files to an address from your local storage,
  • To disconnect from the server, you must close the FileZilla Rus application,
  • In older versions, it is not possible to delete objects with the Del key (only with the mouse).
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