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Finance Monitor is a lightweight but functional application for managing your money. Keep track of all income and expenses, view charts, export statistics to csv for transfer to a PC.

The program can work as a personal finance manager, as well as a full-fledged budgeting tool. It supports planning, synchronization between several gadgets, can intercept SMS from banks, scans checks and displays statistics very conveniently.


  • The ability to maintain a family budget – synchronization of two or more accounts,
  • Creation of several accounts with different balances and currencies (card, cash),
  • Convenient sorting, displaying diagrams in several views,
  • Support for all current currencies with the option to add new ones,
  • Excellent categorization of expenses, income, transfers,
  • Setting a password or fingerprint to launch the application,
  • Saving information in the cloud,
  • Goal setting tool,
  • Modern design,
  • No ads.


  • SMS parser does not support apostrophe in sum,
  • You cannot use the device’s original keyboard for input.
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