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Finkee is the easiest personal finance app with no ads or restrictions. It works fast, transmits data over encrypted channels, and is constantly evolving.


  • Maintaining a personal budget,
  • Categorization of expenses and receipts,
  • Creation of new accounts and categories,
  • Planning expenses and income for a period of time,
  • View statistics log, reports and pie charts,
  • The choice of any of the current world currencies and Bitcoin cryptocurrency.


  • Nice design,
  • Intuitive interface, simple operation,
  • Ability to plan expenses and receipts of money,
  • Visual display of the financial condition on the charts,
  • Creation of a large number of wallets, many categories of operations,
  • Encryption during data transfer between the server and the client device,
  • Frequent updates with the addition of features and functionality with no ads or paid options.


  • The need to manually select the Russian or Ukrainian language after starting the program,
  • To use the application, you need to create an account or sign in with a Google account.
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