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FL Studio is one of the most popular professional audio editing software. Includes many effects and tools for creating high-quality musical compositions.

Features of FL Studio 12

  • Audio cutting option,
  • Unique equalizer,
  • A large number of sound effects,
  • The ability to write music in any style,
  • Availability of Piano Roll and Stepsequencer functions,
  • Built-in sample pack for flstudio,
  • Working with additive quantities,
  • Import tracks, loops, presets, sample, playlists,
  • Synthesis of instruments (drums, guitars, etc.) on the keyboard,
  • Editing pitch, timing and pitch,
  • Saving finished tracks to WAV, MP3, OGG, MIDI and so on,
  • Speed ​​up / slow down the tempo of the project in real time, reverb effects with settings,
  • Support for most plug-ins and tools for creating music on your computer,
  • The new version of FL Studio 12.5 is available for Windows, Windows, iOS and Mac OS.


  • Convenient FL Studio toolbar,
  • Availability of a clear interface,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Creation of backup copies of projects,
  • Realistic sounding of audio files,
  • Using the automation of sound generators,
  • Many customizable channel parameters, patterns,
  • Saving audio files to your computer’s hard drive,
  • Extensive opportunities for working with sound at home,
  • Recording studios are suitable for both beginners and professionals,
  • Integration with Ableton Live digital audio recording and arranging studio,
  • The installation package includes distributions of all necessary drivers for controllers and consoles,
  • Support for a large number of synthesizers and virtual samplers.


  • English language interface FL Studio 12 (Fruty Loops),
  • Quite a large installation file,
  • There are no major software updates for FL Studio from Image Line.
  • The ability to expand functionality after purchasing the full version of FL Studio Producer Edition.
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