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Kartochnaya Igra V Duraka Sbornik

Durak card game for PC is a single collection of the most popular and exciting board card games. Do you want to play a game of translated Fool, play Spider or Kerchief solitaire? Then go ahead!


  • The game takes up very little space,
  • 6 play styles: from child to professional,
  • Simple, beautiful and clear interface,
  • Cancellation of the last made move is allowed,
  • 21 card backs and the same number of game table variations,
  • 4 difficulty levels for playing in the style of a professional and 2 for a sharper,
  • Ability to play online with real opponents via TCP/IP protocol,
  • The intelligence of the opponent (computer) is created according to a unique formula and individually for each type of game,
  • The program provides a lot of hot keys, which can significantly speed up the introduction of the required settings,
  • 7 popular decks have been introduced: Diana, Slavic, Russian, Bourgeois, Solitaire, White Palekh and Princely. Each of them respectively consists of 20, 24, 36 and 52 cards,
  • Advanced customization and individualization of the game is provided: changing the animation, the speed of movement of cards and their number in the deck, activate / deactivate the playback of the opponent’s voice, sound during the movement of cards, check for cheating during the game against ‘katala’, set the number of players 2 – 6 people etc.


  • Often there are ‘cheaters’ who discourage the desire to achieve heights in the ranking,
  • When installing the application, there is no automatic display of the game shortcut on the desktop.
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