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Fortnite is a killer co-op survival sandbox from the popular company Epic Games. Upgrade characters, collect useful resources, build defensive structures, set traps and take part in exciting battles with other players.

Fortnite Features

  • Availability of text and voice chat,
  • A lot of materials for the construction of buildings,
  • Huge open world, complete freedom of action,
  • The widest selection of various weapons and traps,
  • Automatic change of weather conditions and time of day,
  • You can take screenshots and record gameplay videos,
  • Locations and the location of objects on them are randomly generated,
  • A multi-level system of battle passes and Battle Pass Season rewards is available,
  • PvP multiplayer mode allows you to connect up to 100 players at the same time,
  • There are versions of the online game Fortnite Battle Royale for PC, Xbox One, Sony PlayStation Nintendo Switch.


  • Support for VoIP technology,
  • Customizable control keys,
  • Russian localization of the interface,
  • Addictive and dynamic gameplay,
  • Quick client and launcher installation procedure,
  • Good study of textures, realistic physics,
  • High-quality sound and musical accompaniment,
  • Modern graphics engine Unreal Engine Video,
  • Regular updates and novelties from the official website of Epic Games Poland,
  • Fortnite Battle Royale supports synchronization between Windows, Mac OS, Windows, iOS,
  • Includes several genres at once: MMO, Action, Shooter, Survival, 3rd person, Adventure, Online only, Free to play.


  • English voice acting,
  • It is necessary to register an account on the developer’s web resource.
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