Free Video Catcher download free from Windows

Free Video Catcher

Free Video Catcher is a great helper for saving media files from social networks and other sites. With this utility, it is possible to record streaming audio and video during their playback by the browser.

Features Free Video Catcher

  • Modification Video Catcher 2.0 has support for YouTube resources,
  • There is a built-in filter to eliminate ads,
  • Free Video is automatically updated,
  • Support for audio / video modes,
  • Clearing the cache,
  • Saves flv, mp3, mp4 files.


  • Free Video Catcher can be used on video hosting sites,
  • There is built-in support for YouTube Video,
  • A useful utility can be downloaded for free,
  • The developer of KastorSoft has taken care of the stability of software updates,
  • Fairly clear and easy-to-use interface,
  • There are courses of free video tutorials on how to use the program,
  • Excellent optimization with Windows 7, Vista, XP.


  • The main menu shell, like many other programs in this genre, does not have a Russian-language design,
  • Free Video Catcher 2.0 may require the installation of an additional WinPcap utility.
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