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FreeCommander is a universal file manager that is a good alternative to the standard one. The utility greatly facilitates the process of searching for files, and also performs all the necessary functions required from a good explorer.

Features FreeCommander

  • The file manager has a simple interface with support for bookmarks,
  • Horizontal/vertical data layout available,
  • In each panel, you can open an optional tree,
  • Inside the archives, the functionality of the file attribute viewer is available,
  • Content can be moved, deleted and renamed,
  • The developer Marek provided the program with the ability to access system folders,
  • Built-in FTP client,
  • Easy access to integrated management of ZIP, CAB and RAR archives,
  • Reading and writing archives.


  • High speed access to the control panel,
  • Any Windows system is supported,
  • A worthy replacement for the standard Windows Explorer,
  • The utility checks MD5 checksums,
  • You can download FreeCommander for free,
  • There is a two-panel technology in working with content,
  • Calculating the size of a file or folder,
  • In the design of the interface, there is Russian.


  • The process of loading the utility can cause slight slowdowns in the Windows operating system.
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