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FreeMove is a portable utility for moving programs and games from one folder to another. The main feature is the ability to quickly and safely transfer, without the need to reinstall the applications and toys available on the hard drive.

FreeMove Features

  • Does not require installation on a computer,
  • Performs functions on behalf of the administrator,
  • A great way to free up disk space,
  • A set of useful tools for correctly moving folders with all contents,
  • The user does not need to uninstall or reinstall portable applications or games.


  • Open source,
  • Communication with the developer on the GitHub service is available,
  • Does not conflict with antiviruses and regular Windows defender,
  • If necessary, objects can be returned back to the original folder,
  • Any requests for files in the old location will be automatically redirected to the new location.


  • English interface language,
  • Does not work with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista.
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