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FreeU is a new browser for bypassing the blocking of social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and services, Yandex. Includes built-in VPN and removes any regional restrictions.

FreeU browser features

  • Quick creation of a new tab,
  • Intrusive ad blocker,
  • Convenient control panel,
  • Import bookmarks from any browser,
  • Use of Tor Browser technologies,
  • Secure web surfing in incognito mode,
  • Guaranteed bypass of VK, OK, Yandex and Mail ru locks,
  • Widgets with weather, exchange rates and horoscopes on the desktop,
  • Search for thematic sites, public media, forums and video hosting with content that interests you.


  • Compatible with Windows 10,
  • Extremely simple principle of operation,
  • Does not require the installation of anonymizers,
  • Switch to night mode with one mouse button,
  • Connection of additional modules and extensions,
  • Secure connection and reliable protection of personal data,
  • Ability to add and remove bookmarks from your FreeU collection,
  • The Google Play Store has a mobile browser for Windows smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s,
  • Does not save your browsing history and passwords while you are on the Internet.


  • It is required to manually update the software from the official website of the browser,
  • Despite the fact that the browser is released by a ‘Cypriot company’, traffic passes through a server in Moscow.
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