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Futuron is a great tool to download movies, games, music, text documents and other entertaining or useful content to your computer. An intelligent recommendation system, as well as a convenient directory, will make the process of searching and downloading files comfortable and fast.


  • High-quality news feed,
  • Parental control function,
  • Hot key control,
  • Convenient advanced search system,
  • Sorting content according to different criteria,
  • Allows you to watch videos in high quality,
  • Ability to share files with users of other devices,
  • Quickly downloads cartoons, series, movies, games, programs, magazines, books, etc.


  • UPnP protocol support,
  • Built-in subscription system,
  • Extremely simple control,
  • Lack of advertising and registration,
  • High file download speed,
  • Integration into the context menu and ‘Start’,
  • Low requirements for your computer resources,
  • Compatibility of the latest version of the Futuron program with Windows 10 and 8.


  • Internet access required,
  • There are no updates for the Futuron program from the official website of the developer.
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