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Game Killer for Windows is a free program for hacking games and applications installed on your smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 or tablet. It features an easy-to-use interface and can run in the background. The found values ​​change in a matter of seconds.

Game Killer features

  • Convenient value search string,
  • The presence of a built-in menu of patches,
  • Pause function in the process of passing,
  • The developers offer stable updates for the utility,
  • Works quickly with applications installed in the memory of your device,
  • The possibility of hacking the game to receive additional virtual bonuses,
  • Allows you to choose any numbers for lives, mana, currency and other resources.


  • Extremely simple principle of operation,
  • Significant real money savings,
  • Compact installation file size,
  • Advanced settings for searching for values ​​in the game,
  • Allows you to create custom patches,
  • Compatibility of the full version of the GameKiller v4.30 application with Windows 2.1 and higher.


  • Root rights on the device are required,
  • Cannot hack games that are stored on external servers,
  • When using Lucky Patcher, you may need to reinstall Google Play.
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