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GetSee is a handy application for finding and watching your favorite movies and series on your PC. Contains a huge regularly updated library of media files, allows you to adjust the quality, choose voiceovers and download content to your PC.

Features GetSee

  • Excellent work in full screen mode,
  • Any file can be downloaded to your hard drive,
  • Add content you like to favorites,
  • Watching TV in high quality material,
  • Built-in media player,
  • Fine-tuning the parameters of the broadcast image,
  • Huge collection of available movies, series and cartoons,
  • Convenient user notification system about the release of new products.


  • The presence of a download manager,
  • Extremely simple registration,
  • Recording data on CD, DVD media,
  • Reading various books and magazines,
  • Automatic check and installation of updates,
  • Provides a large catalog of games, downloads them to a PC,
  • Correct video playback in good quality, without any problems and failures.


  • More options when subscribing.
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