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The Glary Utilities program is used to improve the performance of your computer, to ensure system protection. The user can get rid of traces of being on the Internet, delete irretrievably unnecessary files, obsolete registration records, operate on large files, decrypt and encrypt data, search for duplicate files and use other components and features that the free Glary Utilities program provides.

Features of Glary Utilities

  • Customize operating system functions, speed up its startup
  • Free up and optimize RAM
  • Restore and clean the system, back up data
  • Block malware: spyware, adware and other viruses.
  • Use the Registry Cleaner component to find and fix incorrect system registry entries
  • Split, recombine and encrypt large files
  • Clean up and defragment disks
  • Manage autoloading of OS applications
  • Use System Process Manager
  • Delete the log-history of work on the PC and the Internet activity history
  • Uninstall programs
  • Analyze disk space usage, delete temporary files, empty folders, duplicated data and various ‘garbage’ using the Disk Cleaner component.
  • Have access to Windows tools and perform standard procedures: defragmentation, recovery, disk check and backup.
  • Fix errors in shortcuts placed on the desktop and start menu
  • Manage and customize the context menu


  • huge functional set
  • glary utilities optimizes and configures the system for free
  • the developer glarysoft took care of a thorough disposal of the ‘garbage’ of both RAM and hard drive data
  • quick cleaning of the registry, easy uninstallation of programs
  • expands access to files and programs of disk space, eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to your computer data
  • contains a multilingual user interface (also in Russian)
  • the program is easy to use. Even an inexperienced user will master it: it fixes system errors and performs other actions with a single click. There is also the possibility of fine tuning.
  • the official website is available, where you can read detailed information
  • new versions of the program appear: the application project is developing
  • glary utilities can be downloaded for free


  • software sometimes conflicts with antiviruses
  • scanning speed leaves much to be desired
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