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GOG Galaxy is an application for creating a single library of games from the GOG.com, Epic Games, Xbox Live, Origin, Steam, Uplay and PlayStation Network stores. Allows you to follow the latest in the gaming industry, chat with friends, view statistics of achievements, etc.

Features of GOG Galaxy

  • Advanced search and sorting tools,
  • Option to write data to CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives,
  • Allows you to combine your favorite video games in one place,
  • Multiplayer support via Galaxy-Powered Multiplayer Gaming service,
  • Access to a personal game library, which includes materials from different manufacturers,
  • Availability of a version of the utility for PC based on Windows, Mac OS, linux and smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s Windows, iOS.


  • Affordable prices,
  • Huge audience of fans,
  • Open source,
  • Integration of the application icon into the context menu,
  • No need to run multiple game launchers,
  • Quick installation of the GOG Galaxy client, Russian-language prompt for beginners,
  • Works in Free mode, intuitive account creation procedure,
  • Automatic updates from the official website of the developer GOG Community.


  • Availability of paid content,
  • Mandatory registration.
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