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Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world since 2013 by Google. The main advantages are page loading speed, stability and integration with Google services – Gmail, calendar, maps, Google Disk and others.


  • Openness and availability of the Chromium engine,
  • High speed of downloading web pages and files from the Internet,
  • A large number of add-ons and extensions in the Google Play store,
  • Chrome in Russian is available for any platform – Windows, Mac, OS Linux, iOS, Windows and others,
  • A single account provides access to all Google services and synchronization of data from different devices on Windows, Windows tablet, from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, etc. on a mobile device, MacOS,
  • Ability to import data and settings (bookmarks, passwords, etc.) from installed competitor software,
  • Convenient omnibox above the tab bar instead of the standard search bar increases functionality,
  • Pop-up hints when using Google search through a browser,
  • Built-in antivirus for files, blocking adware and dangerous sites,
  • Personalized Incognito mode for enhanced surfing privacy,
  • Built-in javascript processing tools, expanding functionality through the Chrome developer console,
  • Wide additional settings allow you to change the default values,
  • The ability to personalize Chrome interface elements and its appearance in any modern version of the browser,
  • Voice control of tabs, input of web addresses url, search queries, auto-completion of forms,
  • Google Chrome for Windows blocks suspicious or malicious content, as well as any other content on the screen of untrusted websites,
  • Google Chrome browser updates happen automatically – you don’t need to download and reinstall anything, the installer works in the background and will be able to update Chrome instantly at the next launch,
  • A Chrome cleanup tool that helps you delete your browsing and browsing history not only from your PC, but also from Google servers,
  • Excellent technical support – in each new version, users notice the elimination of bugs and glitches by a large team of product developers.


  • The need to log in to Google services entails the collection of information about the user by Google, which can later fall into “bad hands” or be used to impose services and goods on you using contextual advertising. However, this is written in the terms of use when registering a Chrome account,
  • The exactingness of Chrome on PC RAM – as an option, do not open many tabs, however, the less high-performance engine in the Chrome browser can load memory and processor,
  • Too ascetic Chrome design for demanding users – minimalistic buttons, logo,
  • The search engine removes from the issuance of some sites seen for copyright infringement,
  • Lack of a developed built-in assistant, as in Yandex.Browser,
  • To install the browser, you need to have an Internet connection – the Chrome installation file is implemented as a web installer and does not contain the program files themselves.
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