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Google Classroom is an effective platform for creating online courses and distance learning. It integrates with popular Google services and includes a number of useful tools for organizing a high-quality educational process.

Features of Google Classroom

  • Adding students to the course with one click,
  • Reliable protection of your privacy,
  • Materials can be attached and downloaded by email,
  • Allows you to see the list of listeners in a separate window,
  • Tools are available for conducting lessons through a PC webcam,
  • Quick discussion of the problem between teachers and students,
  • Simplifies and correctly distributes the workflow, saves time checking tasks,
  • Fine-tuning, compiling and automatic distribution of announcements with invitations,
  • Integration with Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Assignments, Hangouts, Collaboration, G Suite Education.


  • Lack of advertising content,
  • Simplicity and ease of use,
  • Any participant can be added to the blacklist,
  • Regular software updates from Google,
  • For non-commercial purposes, it works in Free mode,
  • Google Classroom on PC is accessible from any browser,
  • Eliminates the need to visit educational institutions,
  • Allows you to get acquainted with the performance of students,
  • Documents can be saved to a folder on your hard drive (Windows, Mac OS),
  • You can instantly comment on what is happening in the chat and send files,
  • The application from Google provides advantages in explaining the material to listeners relative to analogues,
  • From the App Store and Play Market there is a version of the mobile application that can be installed on iOS and Windows gadgets.


  • Many users complain about problems in the service, its instability and dubious convenience,
  • Lack of tools for creating full-fledged webinars (requires YouTube) on the Google platform.
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