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Google Drive will let you store your files in the popular cross-platform cloud. Content can be presented in completely different formats, files can be viewed and edited at any time, access to resources is carried out both from computers and from portable gadgets.

Features of Google Drive

  • The volume of each file is up to 10 GB,
  • Cloud storage involves the exchange of information with other users,
  • Can be accessed from any device,
  • Function of recognition of the scanned texts,
  • Opening and viewing a variety of formats, both office and multimedia,
  • Providing reports on edited files,
  • There is a built-in chat for communication.


  • Work with any operating systems,
  • Ability to function without a network connection,
  • Sending emails to email,
  • There is a Russian interface shell language,
  • The cloud service is constantly updated by Google developers,
  • You can view files, tables, documents, play audio and video on mobile devices,
  • Convenient system for sending data to Google Drive from a computer in real time,
  • Useful autosave option when exiting the application.


  • It is necessary to register an appropriate account,
  • 15 GB is provided free of charge, you can expand the storage space for a fee.
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