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Google Earth is a specialized tool for monitoring satellite and topographic images of our planet. You can easily arrange for yourself and your comrades a so-called virtual trip to various parts of the world, viewing three-dimensional images of objects of interest to you.

Features of Google Earth

  • With the help of Google Earth, you can measure distance, search for certain places, as well as routes,
  • The entire planet Earth is available for volumetric viewing, you can open any point in the world and see its coordinates,
  • The latest version of the utility included advanced features for a detailed overview of the terrain, relief,
  • Google Earth integration with the popular Google Chrome web browser,
  • Google Planet can save and print pictures, as well as add labels, images, own photos and get directions,
  • The utility works great with Vista, Windows 8, 7, and Windows XP,
  • The Google Earth application can be installed without additional registration and SMS,
  • There is a Russian, English choice of language design,
  • Features of Google Planet include a flight simulator mode that allows you to view the area with the effect of flying,
  • You can find fantastic views of attractions photographed by other users,
  • Built-in Google Street View tools for easy street viewing and Google Sky mode for observing celestial bodies from space, as well as Google Ocean – ocean views,
  • Laying routes on the surface of the Earth and the sky of various lengths and complexity,
  • Comfortable control by means of hot keys,
  • Lots of useful features for navigating through Google Earth,
  • Content and maps in 3d format, if necessary, are downloaded to your device – PC, ifrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, to the memory of Windows mobile from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7s,
  • You can set the starting point for starting from the required place at each new start,
  • The ability to view the starry sky, the bottom of the ocean, other planets, constellations and galaxies, quickly get information from any corner of the earth and outer space.


  • Excellent navigation aids and high quality satellite imagery,
  • Convenient Google Earth service search engine, GPS support,
  • 3D view of the Earth, as well as the Moon and Mars from any angle,
  • There is a special ‘Historical Mode’, which provides a detailed description of the history of a particular place on the globe,
  • Google Earth is constantly updated on the official website,
  • With the help of layers, you can quickly see the relief, a snapshot of geography, a political map,
  • Any current Windows system is supported,
  • Earth Globe Google Earth will help in viewing the weather on a different scale,
  • When displaying, even shadows, light and sunlight are taken into account, which makes the image extremely realistic,
  • Ability to record your virtual movements and support for both text and voice comments,


  • Updates of detailed images are released less frequently than we would like,
  • Route planning is poorly developed, especially on Mac OS,
  • A three-dimensional model of the Earth with a detailed display of the required elements can significantly load the computer’s RAM.
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