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Govorilka is a simple and convenient program for reading by voice. Able to read aloud any text in any language.


  • Writes readable text to an audio file (WAV, MP3 formats),
  • Opens MS Word and HTML text documents,
  • Integrated speech synthesizer Digalo Russian,
  • The size of the readable content is practically unlimited,
  • Working with character excerpts from the clipboard,
  • Setting the quality of the audio track (from 16 to 128 Kbps),
  • Management of reading speed and voice height parameters,
  • Ability to read large files in DOS and Windows encoding.


  • Ability to create audio books,
  • The presence of a simple localized interface,
  • Adjusting the insertion of accents in the Digalo dictionary editor,
  • Available control using hot keys,
  • Built-in search option for words and phrases,
  • Replenished pronunciation dictionaries with a voice engine,
  • The new version of Govorilka 2.22 supports Windows Vista and above.


  • Works with a small number of text formats,
  • Does not always remember where reading was stopped (when the application is closed).
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