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GOWAY is one of the best free programs and is a hidden computer switch capable of shutting down the system at any time favorable for the PC owner. Such a simple program as GOWAY, designed in Russian, will greatly simplify the work of remote control of the Windows platform.

GOWAY features

  • The program is a hidden computer switch with useful options,
  • GOWAY 1.0 has the ability to turn off and restart the computer at the required time intervals.


  • The presence of a full version 1.0, which can be downloaded in Russian without registration, SMS and other types of confirmations,
  • It is possible to download the program on a completely free basis,
  • Built-in GOWAY power management system for Windows,
  • GOWAY has the ability to work in background display mode.


  • Lack of availability of a different range of options and functionality of the program,
  • The developer is not responsible for causing various types of damage to the operating system of the PC on which the installation package with the utility was unpacked.
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