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Grizzly Pro antivirus is designed to reliably protect your computer from malicious files. Effectively fights against various types of viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, advertising teaser applications, screen blockers, and so on.

Features of Grizzly Antivirus

  • Ad blocker,
  • Increased PC performance,
  • Reduced load on RAM and CPU,
  • Built-in assistant for beginners,
  • Creating a list of trusted sites,
  • Sending infected files to quarantine,
  • Prevents downloading of infected archives,
  • Conducting a vulnerability test of system components,
  • Automatic OS check mode for computer viruses,
  • Reliably protects against Trojans, spyware, adware and other malicious objects.


  • Setting a password to enter the application,
  • Convenient and intuitive interface,
  • Manual setting of functional panels,
  • Checks incoming traffic online,
  • Regular updates of the anti-virus utility,
  • Sending reports to your email,
  • Positive feedback from thousands of satisfied users,
  • Improved heuristic detection of malware,
  • The developers claim that Grizzly blocks threats that other popular antiviruses, for example, a product of Kaspersky Lab or Yeset, are unable to handle.


  • The free antivirus is available for 35 days, then a license key is required.
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