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Hamachi will help you create your own local network and organize an Internet connection between multiple PCs. Hamachi is popular among gamers as it supports a variety of online games,

Hamachi Features

  • Organization of a virtual private network between several computers,
  • There is a built-in chat for communication between participants,
  • Hamachi network connections are protected by a 256-bit encryption algorithm,
  • Connection with FTP, as well as web servers,
  • Remote control of remote computers using Hamachi on Windows,
  • Hamachi supports any current Windows operating system,
  • Creation of a virtual network for various computer games,
  • Ability to access files when needed.


  • Ease of creating a VPN between multiple users (up to 5 in the free version of Hamachi),
  • Ability to play with people in different cities and countries using a mesh topology network,
  • Hamachi is free for non-commercial use,
  • LogMeIn developer, frequently updates software from the official website,
  • The latest version of Hamachi was endowed with increased connection speeds,
  • Blocking third-party access to the VPN network, user data is protected, to gain access, you need to know the logs and password,
  • It is very convenient to control the virtual local area network – control via web interface or PC,
  • Convenient Russian-language Hamachi interface,
  • Opening the program in just a few seconds and a quick Hamachi setup process.


  • An active network of computers, in quite rare cases, can fail,
  • Transferring information via Hamachi requires a high-speed Internet connection, using the program with a slow Internet connection is problematic:
  • Sharing files with other users may cause inconvenience.
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