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The Hard Disk Sentinel utility is designed to diagnose and monitor the status of your hard drive. Quickly alerts you to errors, crashes, bad sectors, and a variety of potential drive issues leading to slow performance.

Features of Hard Disk Sentinel

  • Convenient notifications from the tray,
  • Operates in the background,
  • Effective detection of bad blocks,
  • Hot key control,
  • Identification of critical disk problems,
  • Displays instant reports on the test,
  • Display of all parameters in real time,
  • Available patch installation for analysis of RAID arrays,
  • Hard Disk Sentinel supports a huge number of HDDs and SSDs from different manufacturers,
  • Helps to track, warn and prevent possible damage to the drive.


  • High startup speed,
  • Does not require installation on a PC,
  • Built-in task scheduler,
  • Advanced testing settings,
  • Help Information tab for beginners,
  • Intuitive interface in Russian,
  • Analyzes HDD/SSD temperature threshold readings,
  • Informs about the deterioration of the performance of the hard drive,
  • Regular software updates from the official HDS Enterprise website,
  • The new version of Standard and Professional is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1,
  • Using advanced Multi Reporting & Analysis Technology.


  • Free license of Hard Disk Sentinel works for 30 days,
  • More features in Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5.40 Build 10482 final portable.
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