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HD Tune is a powerful and versatile utility for diagnosing hard drives and other storage devices. Works with various SCSI, SATA, IDE interfaces, as well as memory cards and flash drives.

Features HD Tune Pro

  • Checking the health of the hard drive,
  • Safe file deletion tool,
  • Displays the finished result in the form of a pivot table,
  • Hard drive noise reduction tool,
  • Displays the Firmware version, serial number and disk size,
  • Hot key control,
  • Shows the level of processor load,
  • Tests the speed of reading and writing data,
  • Display free disk space in HD Tune,
  • smart data scan (built-in self-diagnostic firmware),
  • HD Tune shows the current temperature and status of HDD, solid state drives, flash drives,
  • The HD Tune Pro application measures media performance,
  • Work with SCSI, SATA, IDE hard drives, memory cards and USB devices.


  • Built-in file manager,
  • The presence of a convenient command line,
  • Added SMART table option,
  • Information about the possible and active modes of data transfer,
  • Transfer of information about sections to e-mail,
  • The new version of HD Tune Pro 5.70 is compatible with Windows 8 and 10,
  • Quick HDD performance test,
  • HD Tune Pro’s advanced disk monitoring helps preserve important data by alerting you to changes in the HDD structure,
  • A large number of supported functions,
  • A whole set of algorithms for testing a hard drive, with the help of the HD Tune Pro utility, you can even carry out low-level reading from screw pancakes,
  • Check for updates for the utility from the official website of the developer.


  • Main menu in English,
  • Rare startup crashes on Windows XP,
  • The free version of the program works for only 15 days,
  • Limited HD Tune Free functionality,
  • Quite lengthy diagnostics of hard drives from Samsung and OCZ Vertex.
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