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Hex Editor is a hexadecimal and binary editor for the Windows operating system. It features built-in functions for viewing, searching, replacing and debugging data.

Hex editor features

  • Displaying the history of file changes,
  • Several character display modes,
  • Built-in text editor and viewer,
  • Highlighting and debugging tools for developed code,
  • Export documents from HxD Hex Editor and Disk Editor,
  • Tips for writing software patches,
  • Working with binary, decimal, hexadecimal and binary data.


  • Adding bookmarks,
  • Low RAM load,
  • Run in Portable mode,
  • Support for ASCII and EBCDIC,
  • Multi-window Russian-language interface,
  • Working with Intel Hex Motorola format,
  • Opens and edits binary files of Windows OS,
  • Perform complex manipulations in a few mouse clicks,
  • Allows you to edit collections of bytes as solid blocks.


  • The trial period of the professional editor is 14 days.
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