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HideGuard VPN is a program that allows you to hide your real IP address. You will be able to ensure complete anonymity on the Internet, as well as create multiple accounts on various forums where it was possible to create only one account.

Features of HideGuard VPN

  • Ability to change IP address with one click,
  • Protects your personal data using the encrypted PPTP protocol,
  • Opens access to blocked social networks,
  • Creating multiple accounts on the forums, allowing you to create only one account,
  • Allows you to manage options from the desktop through the widget,
  • Display real IP address upon user request.


  • Does not need to restart the browser after entering new parameters,
  • The official site is constantly updating the utility,
  • Blocks attacks from the outside,
  • Compact installation file size,
  • Guarantees the security of your data,
  • Connection to any public network,
  • Supports Windows 10,
  • Convenient interface, there is a Russian language.


  • Slows down the speed of the Internet connection.
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