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Hole.io is an Windows game that captivates with non-standard gameplay. You have to manage a real black hole that will devour everything in its path!

Hole.io features

  • Swallow as many items as possible on your way,
  • Be careful not to be swallowed up by alien black holes,
  • Enable local multiplayer to play with your friends,
  • Start your meal with small items and then move on to homes and malls.


  • Colorful minimalistic interface,
  • Easy control on from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet,
  • A unique game project that has no analogues,
  • Comic details in the design (dancing police officers on the roof, etc.),
  • No strict restrictions: you can absorb anything that fits into the hole.


  • Too short rounds.
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