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Hungry Dragon is an Windows game that will show you what a hungry dragon is capable of! Devour everything in your path – do not spare either people or cute sheep. Destroy entire villages, but don’t forget that even fire-breathing dragons can be vulnerable.

Hungry Dragon Features

  • Save coins to buy a larger dragon,
  • Dress up dragons in funny costumes: a rapper, a cook, etc.,
  • Explore every corner of the magical world in search of food and treasures,
  • Arrange a fiery fever so that the dragon feasts on a shish kebab of men:
  • Ability to install Hungry Dragon on PC via BlueStacks emulator ,


  • Large atmospheric locations: villages, cities, forests, mines,
  • A varied diet: birds, witches, soldiers, drunkards, cows, etc.,
  • Convenient control of the virtual joystick on the from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 and tablet,
  • Many unique dragons with unique abilities.


  • There is no training mode and tutorials.
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