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Hustle Castle Fantasy Kingdom – online RPG and strategy from the developers of BV Become a real king! Educate subjects, protect the population of your medieval castle from Grav the Mighty Head, Lord of the Abyss and more!


  • Simple control.
  • Nice cartoon graphics.
  • Introduced clan system with chat.
  • An interesting plot multi-level company.
  • Ability to improve spells and other components.
  • All players are given a daily bonus for visiting.
  • The story campaign becomes more difficult as you progress.
  • Large selection of defensive structures and other buildings: sawmill, mine, canteen, treasury, throne room.
  • The game has a ‘donate’, but even without investments, you can dynamically develop.
  • The game Hustle Castle is installed on a from Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, tablet and other device with Windows OS, on a PC with Windows through an emulator.
  • Developers often improve the game by adding new locations, labyrinths, portals, as well as bosses, enemies…


  • There are minor development errors.
  • Some levels in the portal are too difficult.
  • A small amount of resources at the start (gold reserves, etc.).
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