HWMonitor download free from Windows


The HWMonitor program will allow you to monitor the performance and parameters of the internal components of the PC. You will be able to diagnose the voltage level, fan speed, receive data on the temperature of various components of your system in real time.

Features of HWMonitor

  • Obtaining data on the status and temperature of the hard drive, motherboard, as well as other computer components,
  • The ability to determine the speed of rotation of coolers and voltage,
  • Adjustment of frequency of turns of fans,
  • The program runs in the system tray even after closing,
  • All required detailed diagnostic information can be saved to a text document,
  • Supports GPU monitoring by ATI Nvidia,
  • Possibility to choose the display of heating indicators in Fahrenheit or degrees.


  • Options for displaying current, as well as minimum and maximum indicators of PC components,
  • Intuitive and easy-to-manage HW-Monitor interface,
  • Support for smart technology to determine the status of hard drives of computers and laptops,
  • The official website provides periodic updates for its products,
  • Monitoring not only the hardware of the system unit, but also
    changes in the system registry, core frequency, PC charge level,
  • The HW monitor installation file will not take up much space on your computer,
  • Support for Windows operating system from XP to 10,
  • There is a portable version of the HWMonitor program, which is popular among ENIs and system administrators.


  • Lack of Russian-language implementation of the Hardware Monitor menu sections,
  • Provides minimal data on the monitoring done, which narrows the functionality of HWMonitor.
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