ICE Book Reader Professional download free from Windows

Ice Book Reader Professional

ICE Book Reader is presented as a free program that is responsible for reading all kinds of text files. This Book Reader is, first of all, a powerful electronic text reader that opens up an abundance of opportunities for the user in a variety of electronic document formats.

Features of ICE Book Reader Professional

  • Utility for reading e-books, as well as a good converter,
  • Ice Book Reader supports the creation of video books as well as the creation of audio,
  • For the most comfortable reading of books and documents, there are several useful display modes,
  • Developer Ice Graphics has optimized the utility with the new Windows 10,
  • There is smooth scrolling in the control, scrolling mode setting is available, as well as the ability to change the scrolling speed,
  • Ice Book included an excellent search mode,
  • Zoom adjustment for the most convenient reading of electronic texts,
  • The full version of Book Reader Professional has even more advanced functionality,
  • Built-in artificial intelligence system that automatically adjusts the display of e-books,
  • You can download free ICE Book Reader.


  • Any modern version of Windows is supported, including Windows XP,
  • The ability to create audio / video content and built-in speech synthesis editor,
  • Convenient options for managing a collection of custom e-books,
  • ICE Book Reader works with most types of electronic documents,
  • The utility is issued in Russian,
  • Customizable ‘book’ mode for greater convenience, as well as the function of reading aloud,
  • Remarkable optimization with Windows 7,
  • The reader performs correct anti-aliasing of the text.


  • There is a paid version of Book Reader Professional,
  • When opening large files, there may be visible delays that negatively affect the speed of scrolling.
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