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Icecream Video Editor is a simple video editor that offers a good set of tools for working with various media files. Allows you to create videos, add photos and music to them, apply various special effects, filters, etc.

Features of Icecream Video Editor

  • Allows you to create and edit media files,
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation,
  • Selecting the export format, sending the project to social networks,
  • Insert text annotations, pointers and emoticons,
  • You can add a musical composition to the video material,
  • Tools for cutting and gluing videos and images.


  • Convenient timeline scale,
  • Russian localization,
  • No complicated settings,
  • Virtual assistant for beginners,
  • Integration with file manager and context menu,
  • Automatic check and installation of current updates.


  • More features in Icecream Video Editor Pro version (activation key required).
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