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The free InfraRecorder program will provide you with convenient and safe recording of data to disk. Music, movies, various files can be burned to CD / DVD discs, Audio CDs, Video DVD discs, while choosing the speed and type of recording – SAO or TAO. Against the background of paid similar programs and utilities, Infra Recorder stands out precisely because it is free. functionality has no critical differences.

Features of the InfraRecorder

  • Rewriting discs ReWrite (RW),
  • Writing to disk any files and data that are saved in separate formats (wav, wma, ogg and others),
  • Display all available disk information,
  • Burning data from a disc to a CD DVD disc.


  • Same recording tools, but in a free program, that is, InfraRecorder is free,
  • Recording on discs with two layers,
  • Choice of TAO (with overwriting) and SAO (without the possibility of overwriting) In this way, subsequent writing of data to disk can be blocked,
  • Cloning, copying disks,
  • Recording simulation,
  • InfraRecorder Express, toolbar module – needed for more efficient and convenient creation of tasks for InfraRecorder.


  • Lack of FLAC format,
  • Blu-ray and HD DVD are not supported for burning.
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