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Internet Explorer is rightfully the most popular and well-known browser created by Microsoft. Comes with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 95, and 8 and 10 operating systems.

Features of Internet Explorer

  • Creation, programming of dynamic sites and web resources using the XMLHttpRequest interface,
  • The use of not only the Latin alphabet in creating the site address, but also the Cyrillic alphabet,
  • Integration of extensions created with CSS, HTML and DOM,
  • Gaining access to the cache of visited sites – images, videos and text,
  • Changing user interface settings, file upload options, security level, and so on,
  • Calling developer tools by pressing the F12 key – with the help of them you can, for example, debug, test or speed up the loading of websites,
  • Installing old extensions for previous versions of IE on the latest versions starting with Internet Explorer 11, in other words – enterprise mode,
  • Enable an emulation mode that fixes page rendering issues for older versions, such as Internet Explorer 7.


  • ‘Sewn’ into any version of the Windows operating system from 95 to the latest version 10,
  • When you download improvements for your OS, Windows also updates IE if there is an update available,
  • Synchronization between multiple devices on which IE is installed,
  • Improved usability when working on devices with touch screens,
  • In the latest editions under Win10, it not only blocks pop-up windows, but also filters malicious content (smartscreen filter), and also implements support for new web standards.


  • IE 11 compatibility issues with Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, requires Internet Explorer 6, 7,
  • Data processing speed leaves much to be desired – this applies to older versions before Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 11 is much faster,
  • ‘Clutter’ of the start page with intrusive advertising, bing search by default,
  • Unenviable desktop browser functionality from Microsoft,
  • Not all elements of activex, javascript, rss notifications, java web applications are displayed correctly,
  • Privacy issues in Windows Internet Explorer 10 and earlier versions of the browser, high risk of tracking user actions up to mouse clicks,
  • Settings for the toolbar, tabs are almost non-existent,
  • Sometimes ‘crooked’ automatic scaling of the font on the page,
  • The interface is extremely inconvenient, but someone might like it.
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