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IP-TV Player is a simple and fast program for watching IP TV and listening to radio stations.

Features of IP-TV Player

  • Create screenshots of the screen, record any video or music,
  • There is an option to watch TV in the background,
  • Background recording of any number of channels is available,
  • Adjustment of contrast, brightness and saturation of the image,
  • Convenient system of surfing IP-TV channels using hot keys,
  • The presence of a built-in player to open multimedia files,
  • Using mobile devices as a remote control,
  • Ability to view open unencrypted streams http, udp-multicast and others,
  • TV program support in JTV format (automatic download, unpacking, matching, export to HTML).


  • Adjustable channel list, broadcast settings,
  • A large number of Russian channels,
  • Customizable screen aspect ratio
  • No high load on the processor and RAM,
  • Domestic localization, convenient operation,
  • Ability to write a stream to a file,
  • The latest version of the utility is optimized for Windows 10, 8.1, 8,
  • Partial support for TV tuners (WDM driver),
  • Manual or automatic setting of the channel list,
  • Adjust the sound by scrolling the mouse wheel.


  • Stopped software updates from the official site,
  • The application does not show encrypted DRM, CAS channels,
  • There is no possibility of watching Russian television from abroad.
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