IrfanView download free from Windows


IrfanView is a small but powerful program for viewing various formats of graphic files, audio and video with a built-in graphic editor. The program can be downloaded for free and used for non-commercial purposes.

Features of IrfanView

  • Ability to view a huge number of audio, video and graphic formats,
  • slideshow mode, full screen mode,
  • editing options: resizing, image rotation, copying, cutting, pasting the selected part,
  • batch file conversion,
  • creation of web pages,
  • display information about the image,
  • screenshots, image capture.


  • Can be downloaded for free from our or official website,
  • image preview,
  • auto-tuning with color correction, gamma, contrast and saturation,
  • the ability (thanks to auto-tuning) to highlight the elements of the shadow areas of the photo without affecting the rest of the elements.


  • To use many of the ‘goodies’ of the program, you need to install plugins (plugins are needed, for example, to view some formats, etc.),
  • the file to be viewed is opened by clicking separately from the program interface, in an additional window.
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