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Iso2God is a unique application for converting Xbox and Xbox 360 game ISOs to GOD (Games On Demand) files. Allows owners of cracked set-top boxes with Freeboot firmware to run various toys without first burning them to CDs.

Iso2God Features

  • Support for uploading files via FTP,
  • Adding multiple ISO images to the queue,
  • Opening projects from Xbox Image Browser LT 3.0,
  • Convenient instructions for novice users,
  • Set up and start converting in a couple of clicks,
  • Quickly add information about the recorded game,
  • No need to install on PC, runs in portable mode.


  • Converter compatibility with Windows XP and above,
  • No need to install the program,
  • Completely free distribution of the product,
  • Ability to reduce the size of output files,
  • Easy to learn and intuitive interface,
  • For the container, you can set the most secure password.


  • English localization,
  • Converts only ISO to GOD,
  • No updates from developer site.
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