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The JavaScript Collection is a great set of scripts written in the JavaScript language. Includes an extensive Russian-language reference book with code examples. You can insert animated buttons on the pages of your sites, redirect and much more.

Features Collection JavaScript

  • A wide range of useful JS SE scripts,
  • JavaScript Engine support,
  • Apply text formatting effects,
  • Change preview function,
  • Use of HTML, CSS, PHP, VBScript editors,
  • Does not require installation on a computer, starts with one click on the EXE file,
  • Work with browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer and so on.


  • Does not require registration,
  • Improved web page design,
  • Low system requirements,
  • Built-in guide for beginners,
  • Convenient control panel and command line,
  • Integration with the online code protection service Obfuscator,
  • Java Script program compatibility with Windows XP and higher.


  • There are no updates for the software,
  • A ready-made Javascript kit for beginners is available for download only from unofficial sites and does not contain instructions.
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