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John the Ripper is a special utility for evaluating the strength of passwords, supports various cracking modes and recognizes many formats of ciphertext. It can be used to recover passwords from the system, as well as various archives and documents.

Features of John the Ripper

  • Support for BSDI Crypt on Mac OS X and iOS,
  • Selection of words from the specified file,
  • Checking weak passwords on UNIX systems,
  • Extract password data from DOS and Windows NT,
  • The cracker contains the External System User Mode,
  • Automatic detection of SHA-crypt hashes from Fedora and Ubuntu,
  • Working with various RAR, ZIP archives, MS Office documents, etc.


  • Low system requirements,
  • Convenient control from the command line,
  • High speed of reading and enumeration of character combinations,
  • Powerful dictionary attack, quickly sorts through a huge number of combinations,
  • Built-in highly optimized modules for various types of hashes and processor architectures,
  • The official website of the developer has examples and instructions for using John Ripper Password Cracker,
  • Using technologies Kali Linux, OpenMP, OpenVMS, OpenCL, OpenWall, OpenBSD Solaris, Wordlist Passwords.


  • No updates for JtR Pro,
  • Lack of a graphical interface,
  • Many options that are incomprehensible to an inexperienced user – a utility designed for advanced users is difficult to master.
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