Joxi download free from Windows


The Joxie app for Windows is a modern service for instant sharing of screenshots over the Internet. Stop complicating your work with screenshots – install Joxi and enjoy the comfort!


What is the Joxi program for?

  • Limitless creation of screenshots in games,
  • Take quick screenshots using hotkeys or the toolbar,
  • Instantly process screenshots of the screen using the built-in editor,
  • Create screenshots of the screen or capture a specific fragment in a few clicks,
  • Share screenshots with other users on popular social networks: Vkontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc.,
  • Automatically send a screenshot to the cloud storage and immediately publish your screenshot using the link saved in the clipboard.


  • Image quality setting available,
  • Any hotkeys can be reassigned,
  • Intuitive and friendly interface,
  • The application is fully integrated with social networks,
  • To register on hosting, you can use mail or an account of any social network,
  • Through the service, you can share with users not only images, but also files, folders,
  • The useful Joxi program on a Windows computer is distributed completely free of charge,
  • If necessary, you can set the path to a folder on your hard drive where copies of all created snapshots will be saved,
  • When registering in a personal account, to save screenshots in virtual storage, the user is allocated 1 GB of free space,
  • To create quick snapshots of long pages in the Internet browser Google Chrome, Yandex or Opera, with the possibility of further processing, you can install a special plug-in of the corresponding browser.


  • The application contains ads,
  • The application significantly clogs the system registry,
  • Among the numerous functions of the editor, there is no eraser.
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