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Just Dance Now is an Windows game that will make you dance! And not just for joy: the gameplay here is based on dancing, and not virtual, but quite real! Dance, get positive emotions and arrange real dance battles.

Features of Just Dance Now

  • Play with any number of friends,
  • Transfer the gameplay from your smartfrom Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7 to real life,
  • Move in different manners and styles, to different directions of music,
  • Dance to the brightest world hits, fresh compositions, tracks of famous DJs, etc.,
  • Display the clip on the screen of a PC, laptop, Smart TV or other device with Internet access,
  • Transmit your movements with the built-in accelerometer on mobile devices.


  • There are no special system requirements to run the application,
  • Russian voice acting, Russian and English subtitles for songs,
  • Regular updates and new clips for trendy songs in the catalog,
  • Adapted mobile version of the mega-popular game for consoles,
  • Original external design and extravagant characters as dancers,
  • A music game that has already won the hearts of over 50 million people,
  • Detailed information and instructions for installation and game rules on the site and in the program.


  • The entire list of tracks in the game is available only for real money.
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