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Kali Linux is an operating system based on Linux and Debian distributions. Contains a powerful set of tools designed for penetration testing and security auditing.

Features of Kali Linux

  • Advanced password cracker,
  • Access to encryption settings settings,
  • Support for Raspberry Pi 1.0, 2.0 and other ARM devices,
  • The presence of a VirtualBox virtual machine to run servers on Kali Linux,
  • Allows you to boot from an installation USB flash drive or DVD,
  • Automatic addition of repositories for updating and improving software,
  • Output of detailed information about the performed checks in the form of Burp pentests,
  • Integrated analyzer of local networks and Wi-Fi connections (Wireshark),
  • A wide range of exploits and hacking utilities to intercept traffic and your digital data.


  • Kali Linux uses a powerful custom kernel,
  • A step-by-step instruction for learning Kali is available,
  • Calculation of checksums of any files (working with hashes),
  • The release is a continuation of the popular BackTrack platform,
  • Adds only up-to-date trusted packages in repositories,
  • Kali Linux has been called ‘hacker’s favorite’ because the OS contains many tweaks for specialists,
  • Convenient and well-designed graphical interface (GNOME, Xfce, KDE),
  • Backing up keys to restore access to encrypted data,
  • You can work in a secure environment using several secure protocols.


  • Not all utilities, scanners and services are in Russian,
  • You can not add plugins and update third-party software,
  • To work with the OS, it is recommended to have knowledge of Linux that exceeds the basic ones.
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