Kaspersky Security Scan download free from Windows

Kaspersky Security Scan

Kaspersky Security Scan is a free utility that determines the degree of protection of a PC from viruses, trojans and other dangers. Scanning for the presence of malicious content using Security Scan is performed in real time.

Capabilities of Kaspersky Security Scan

  • High-quality fight against all kinds of malicious threats in conjunction with the original Kaspersky Lab antivirus.
  • The user is provided with a detailed report after the scan is completed.
  • There is a quick scan for viruses in the entire operating system.
  • No conflicts from third party antivirus software installed on PC.
  • You can download Kaspersky Security Scan free of charge.
  • Determine the security status of the embedded Windows OS.
  • Constant updating of anti-virus databases from Kaspersky Lab.
  • Cloud technologies for database storage are supported.


  • Built-in high-quality free scanner.
  • The developer of Kaspersky always provides software updates for their utilities.
  • A good choice for solving security problems together with the original antivirus from Kaspersky Lab.
  • You can install Kaspersky Security Scan for free.
  • All malware lends itself to a rapid detection process.
  • Excellent optimization with Windows 10, as well as with Windows 7, 8 and older OS modifications.
  • Scan uses the latest technology to maximize monitoring performance.


  • The utility does not cure infected files or remove malware.
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