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KDWin 2018 is a useful utility for quickly changing the language layout of the keyboard on a computer or laptop. Allows you to automatically replace the typed letters with similar characters in the language you are interested in. Works with various text editors and internet browsers.

Features of KDWin

  • The choice of the font used for writing,
  • Support for universal Unicode encoding,
  • You can switch between several non-standard layouts,
  • Supports even older versions of MS Windows NT, 98, 2000 (x86 x64), etc.,
  • Helps to use the user’s desired input language on the keyboard buttons,
  • Able to convert materials that cannot be read by regular means.


  • Small distribution size,
  • The presence of instructions for beginners,
  • Convenient user interface,
  • Low system requirements for a PC,
  • Quick installation, no license activation required,
  • Switching parameters in real time,
  • Uses full functionality from KDWin Keyboard Driver 4.0,
  • Allows you to configure auto-replacement of letter combinations from one language to another.


  • Lack of updates from the official website of the developer.
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